About Us


SERVICE BUGI doo is a certified service centre for all Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles.

We also sell Genuine Land Rover parts and alternative parts with warranty.

Our long experience and well known name are synonim for quality.

  • Since 1972. Dragan Kosanović - Bugi has began his career with Land Rover vehicles.
  • After years of experience with Land Rover vehicles in 1991. he founded the independent service centre "Independent Mechanic Workshop Kosanovic Dragan".
  • In 2001. The company name has been changed to "Independent Mechanic Workshop Entrepreneur Kosanovic Dragan".
  • Due to the expansion of business and the introduction of spare parts for Land Rover vehicles in February 2012. we changed our name to "Independent Mechanic Workshop & Sales Kosanovic Dragan".
  • In February 2013. The director Vladimir Kosanović decided that the company will get its distinctive name "SERVICE BUGI doo" due to increased business activity, additional buildings and facilities for the enterprise.
  • As a part of our company, we have a specialized service centre for Land Rover motor vehicles and a store for original and alternative spare parts for Land Rovers.